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What is Frack or Fracking?


First Part: Following the very lucrative and successful stint of the Sanggunian, spearheaded by Bro. Glicerio “Jun” B. Santos Jr., in the PAID UP OIL AND GAS LEASE IN TEXAS since way back 2008, I guess it’s modest to say that Ka Glicerio B. Santos Jr. really hit the jackpot with its 25% royalty on all the production profit of their “secret” project which is still under the name of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. This simply means that the money used to buy this property came from the church fund, from our “abuloy” or offerings, but it was not bought to build a chapel or a district office, it was bought for one thing and one thing only… PROFIT from “Black Gold” or Oil. But the MILLION DOLLAR question is, where did the profit go? Try checking the finance report of Texas or US Main Office for the $$$$  from the Paid Up Oil and Gas Lease if it went into the Central Fund, because the last time I checked at the office, the money never reached Central’s bank accounts, UNLESS they can prove otherwise. This is how successful the oil business in Texas, where we “just happen” to have bought a land property which was leased for 25% royalty on all production profit.

SD10 SD11
Can you visualize the production rate of oil for Texas alone? That is why the profit from the Paid Up Oil and Gas Lease was off the charts too. But…. the bad thing about GREED (which is already a bad thing in the first place), is that IT IS ALWAYS NEVER ENOUGH. That is why our beloved General Auditor, Bro. Glicerio Santos Jr., tirelessly set out to find some more lucrative project just like the Texas Oil Lease. And with the help of Brother Mar Nucup, Bro. Jun Santos was able to enter into a deal for the acquisition of SCENIC SOUTH DAKOTA.

evidence scenic1
The Iglesia Ni Cristo bought the whole town from this old lady who owned the small town of SCENIC, SOUTH DAKOTA.


Twila Merrill Palmer, quite a celebrity in her days. A rodeo-legend lady stricken with Cancer.

meryll 1

This real estate broker sealed the deal for the property: sd realtor So after a closed-door deal, The Iglesia Ni Cristo now owns SCENIC, SOUTH DAKOTA.
property appraisal scenic south dakota property appraisal scenic south dakota.PNG tax1 property appraisal scenic south dakota.PNG tax2 property appraisal scenic south dakota.PNG tax3 property appraisal scenic south dakota.PNG5 Now comes the “shady” part… unlike the rest of the land and property acquisitions of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, we have always been ever-so-proud to announce it to the whole world that we bought this Lutheran Church there, we bought this chapel from that religion here, we bought this property there, we have a Guiness Record for this and that, exactly how Bro. Glicerio “Jun” Santos would always boast whenever he preached, YET… they have been so “silent” about this one particular acquisition… how silent? scenic blog_1 scenic blog2_1 Scenic1_1 After buying the property, the Church did not contact them anymore. There were no plans for the town, no renovation, nor even a construction for a place of worship or even a start of the Missionary Works. Nothing. That’s why the people there are so weary of the mystery that is behind the sale of the this small town in South Dakota. It is such a secret that there was even a NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT signed between parties, legally binding them not to tell a living soul anything about this deal. Meaning nobody can discuss anything about the details and plans of the aquisition of the town by the Iglesia Ni Cristo. After a short frenzy with the local and international news, the story just died down without ever hearing the reason why INC bought the property… Here’s proof that INC owns the properties in SCENIC SOUTH DAKOTA with corresponding Assessors Parcel Number (APN):
scenic1 scenic2 scenic3 scenic4 scenic5 scenic6 This is the topographical view of SCENIC SOUTH DAKOTA. topog scenicSouth Dakota So here’s the next MILLION DOLLAR question… Why did Bro. Glicerio B. Santos Jr. push thru with the acquisition of a relatively useless town? For the money used to buy this town, it could have been used to renovate a lot of old and dilapidated chapels especially in the far-flung locales in the provinces, it could have been used for medication and hospitalization of hundreds of sick Ministers and brethren in need of medical attention, it could have been used to help a lot of brethren in dire need. So why buy this old worn-down town? Here’s something that you won’t hear in the WORSHIP SERVICE LESSONS… What is the significance of Scenic, South Dakota? Let the evidences tell you the story… SD18sdoil south dakota SD8 SD9 SD15 SD7 Land and livestockland and live stock 2economic impact sd Therefore, South Dakota is the next BIG BOOM in the Oil Industry so the potential is also very lucrative. But aside from the oil industry being a source of income with the acquisition of SCENIC SOUTH DAKOTA, Bro. Jun Santos also saw another potential, that is why the nondisclosure clause had to be included in the deal. They were actually waiting for a double-whammy deal, and here it is… SD13 SD14 SD3 SD4 The proposed pipeline will pass thru South Dakota… now take a guess which part of South Dakota… Take a wild guess… Shhhhhh! Don’t say it out loud… Remember, this is a hush-hush project and WE ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! (thus the nondisclosure agreement).  I can actually see the frowning faces of the Sanggunian right now, and Ka Jun Santos with steam coming out of his nostrils (literally). But how lucrative is this pipeline project? pipeline to profits Please bear in mind that Bro. Jun Santos bought this town in a time when prices were plummeting to the ground, proof of that is that the price tag for SCENIC dropped from $3,000,000 to $799,000. That’s when Bro. Jun Santos snatched the opportunity and topped the rest of the 500 bidders for the property. This kind of business is what turns ordinary Joe’s to Billionaires. Here’s one fine example: Kelcy Warren

SD19 SD20 SD1 SD2

This is exactly what Bro. Jun Santos is going for, to be the next “ordinary jun” turned billionaire. GAS & OIL PRODUCTION PLUS PIPING CONTRACT THRU SOUTH DAKOTA = $$ KACHING KACHING $$ This is by far the best “hitting two birds with one stone” scenario Ka Jun has put together in his entire life…so far (this calls for another Guiness Record!). Imagine this scenario…when this pipeline goes into full swing, the Church can just sit back and relax and the money will just flow in, we can build as many churches as we want and there will no longer be any poverty for the common brethren, the church can start any project or construction it wants and the funds will not dry up, nor will we need to have other Special Offerings (But ofcourse, the fictional character in this scenario is a Ka Jun Santos who’s not a selfish, greedy, diabolical, conniving businessman that he is). Ka Jun was so sure that everything is in the bag with this one, that he approved all construction and acquisition requests for the church knowing full well that the funds will soon come in. Ka Jun was so successful in keeping this under our noses for so long and he laughingly thought to himself that nobody will ever know…. nobody. Unfortunately, last February… something UNEXPECTED SHATTERED HIS BILLION DOLLAR DREAM…

SD16 SD17
(so expect more announcements for Tanging Tanging Tanging Handugan to come) After years of preparation and anticipation, President Obama vetoed the whole proposed pipeline project, rendering the Scenic, South Dakota property utterly useless to us. We are now stuck with a deserted, lifeless ghost town.  With a condemned hotel that is long empty, useless wooden structures reminiscent of the old cowboy movies, the whole town, lined with aged cattle skulls and overgrown brushes.  The only things useful, I think, are the roadside jail cells that are rusty and worn out. Now let me think… hmmm who can we fit in those cells? After this expos√©, expect one of many things, 1) The Sanggunian will pretend that nobody saw this post and that their cover hasn’t been blown yet  2) They will sell the property along with the rest of the ‘for sale’ properties with another ridiculous reason why they will have to sell the property, 3) they will continue with the back-up plan, which is to establish another Paid up Oil and Gas Lease for possible Oil Mining in the area, 4) a Minister will be assigned there to start a locale with 10 members so as not to look stupid for buying the place in the first place (pun intended), 5) Ka Annie will go there and start a manufacturing plant for UNLAD International Inc. teaching the people there how to make rice cakes and other UNLAD amazing products. 6) The Sanggunian will continue to act innocent, or it might be more accurate to say, ACT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE IS TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF DOING BUSINESS WITH THE FUNDS OF THE CHURCH 7) Ka Jun will deliver his ever famous HUGOT-lines: “Puro kayo paninira, wala naman kayong ebidensya! Wala! Wala kayong nalalaman ni katiting man! Wala! Wala kayong alam!” TO WRAP THIS UP IN A NUTSHELL: THE SANGGUNIAN WENT INTO A PROPERTY ACQUISITION DEAL FOR THE TOWN OF SCENIC SOUTH DAKOTA UNDER THE STRICT RULE OF NON-DISCLOSURE, NOT TO BUILD A CHURCH, OR PROPAGATE THE WORDS OF GOD, NOT TO ELEVATE THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE THERE, NOT TO ESTABLISH A LOCALE CONGREGATION… BUT TO GO INTO BUSINESS. USING THE IGLESIA NI CRISTO FUNS FROM OUR OFFERINGS AND USING IT AS A CAPITAL TO INVEST IN A BUSINESS VENTURE POTENTIAL, TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE DECLINE IN U.S. FINANCIAL SITUATION TO GAIN A STRONGHOLD IN WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE GREATEST FINANCIAL BYPASS DEAL OF THE CENTURY. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS ONE PIPELINE DREAM THAT LITERALLY WENT DOWN THE DRAIN.

~ Antonio Ebangelista

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