Sunday, June 21, 2015


1) All criminals in the INC will be freed

2)All criminals in the INC will not be put to jail even they are really guilty of violations in the laws of men

3) Our nation will be filled with the photos of Felix, Erano and Eduardo Manalo in the roads and billboards

4) Every day you will see cadavers on the rivers and waterways and some of the cult critics will suddenly be gone.

5) The money of the Philippines from coins to paper bills have the pictures of Felix, Erano and Eduardo Manalo

6) The life of Felix Manalo will be a curriculum in schools

7) Coffee Table Book will always be in the bookstores

8) There will be Evangelical Mission always of ministers in the government offices

9)All websites, blogs that are against the INC in the net will be blocked in the cyberspace. all of its authors will immediately seek and put them to jail.

10) There will be no election where people will choose the politicians they want to rule the country. the Executive Minister of INC is the one who will choose the politicians who will rule the Philippines.

11)The Manalos will build a lot of arenas and invite to buy tickets for the concerts and many more INC activities

12) The Pope will not be allowed to visit the Philippines like what he did in January 2015

13) It will be a criminal offense that you criticize the Manalos and their teachings

14) Sorianists or MCGI-ADD members will go to the mountains because of fear of the Manalists. their coordinating centers will always be out of people inside.

15) If they have debts in the companies, they will pressure them to nullify it or else they will be forced to be out of business

16) Those who serve in the government will be removed if anyone who does not agree to put some INC members in key positions of the government

17) They will ask other countries to deport Bro Eli where ever he went and once he went to jail, they will kill him there by either a certain prisoner killed him because of his hatred on him or some clan wars inside the jail compound happened and will make it sure that Bro Eli is one of the casualties

18) UNTV 37 will be closed immediately

19) INC will order the Supreme Court and all other courts to eliminate all archives where final decisions of the court can be read that some INC members were involved in the crime

20) All Supreme Court magistrates and judges will be removed from their positions if they will not comply eliminating the archives where INC members were involved in some crimes

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