Friday, December 19, 2014


Ang nasa puso ng karamihan ng mga Manalista ay:

1) They feel that they are already saved even the Judgment Day has not come.

 2) Boasting that they are influential in the government.

3) Boasting that they have gorgeous places of worship called chapels.

4) They are happy if some of the Catholic churches are destroyed because of calamity and they are very happy when one of their chapels was not destroyed by a calamity.

5) They see Catholics and members of Bro Eli Soriano's members as mortal enemies and demons in the guise of humans who are rightfully to be killed, insulted or hurt because they will not be saved on Judgment Day according to them.

6) They do not have a feeling of compassion to their co cult members

read here:

7) They are ready to kill and be killed to defend their sect and have the guts and thick face to ask respect to their cult while every week they attack the tenets of the Catholic Church in their own INC TV and their Pasugo magazines.

8) If you return their way of criticism, they are very angry and will threaten you if they are fed up.

9) They do not know how to apologize if a Manalist or Church of Manalo member did something wrong to a non Church of Manalo member.

As soon as they can do, they will deny that this is one of their members instead of suspending him or excommunicate him.

10)  They feel that they are knowledgeable in the Bible and they see Catholics as Biblically ignorant but if they face a Catholic who is also knowledgeable in the Bible, it was proven that their teachings are ridiculous, invented, unbiblical and against the teachings of the Bible.


You will know the false prophets by their fruits as mentioned in Matthew 7:15-20.

So will you say that Felix Manalo is a God sent messenger if these are the results of his fruits mostly?

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