Friday, December 19, 2014


1.) You completely agree that Felix Manalo is an Angel and worth dying for. Anyone who disagrees should be harassed, break their bones, torn their limbs, and strangle their neck.

2.) You think that Manalo Family is worthy of praise fit for a royal blood, destined to rule the iglesia and born with special butt reserve to a throne.

3.) You believe that the word of your Executive Minister is divine, pristine, cannot err; his statements are authoritative that you must set aside your reason and common sense.

4.) You believe that you have a pea-sized brain compare to your Minister who have far greater wisdom and knowledge everytime you cannot argue anymore to a facebook debate. Hence, you resort to “ hindi po ako ministro, punta na lang po kayo sa pinakamalapit na local namin at duon magtanong” or “meron po kaming pamamahayag, attend po kayo” (you resort to "I am not a minister, just go to our nearest chapel to ask or we have evangelical mission, you just attend")

5.) Kumukulo ang dugo tuwing naririnig ang boses ni Eli Soriano. (your blood boils or I mean get angry if you hear the voice of Eli Soriano)

6.) Proud INC defender on any online or public forum but Pag-naiipit sa rebulto kumakapit. Hate ‘dinuguan’ but love grilled steak, common request ‘Half-done’ (If unable to win a debate resorts to Catholic statues topic, hates dinuguan but love grilled steak, common request "Half Done")

7.) You are absolutely convinced that your church is truly founded by god because it is newly painted.

8.) You are proud that your church already conquered Rome upon seeing one Old Italian national on net 25 converted to your group while behind the scene, conveniently removing from the interview his FILIPINA WIFE. Proud to say that your church is composed of different nationalities and races though in reality, 99.99% is Filipino.

9.) You are incapable of distinguishing fantasy from reality and suffered from reading comprehension problem.

10.) You are offended by this post.

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